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The LESS Mission

The mission of this business is to strategically and efficiently assist underfunded and overburdened schools by equipping teachers and students with appropriate STEM learning tools and technical support. Founded in the midst of very tough times for Los Angeles school budgets, LESS serves active teacher-learners who are limited by budget and time but not by imagination.

LESS intends the equipment loans seen in this website to be temporary solutions for such teachers. The ideal outcome in the mission of LESS is this: by having whole classes test-drive sophisticated equipment several times over the course of the school year, reflective and observant teachers will form concrete, creative ideas on the best uses of such equipment in their classes; these ideas will quickly lead to award-winning grant applications and proposals. Alternatively, these ideas will flower into comprehensively justified purchases of similar equipment in future years when school funding improves.

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The Value Proposition of LESS

We help curious and innovative science teachers to realize badass science lessons that get students working on their own active learning. We do this by lending class sets of the lab equipment suitable for the teacher's target lessons, and by providing the technical advice and on-site support to make that equipment easy to use.

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About the LESS Organization

LESS is a non-profit organization, 501(c)3. Click here for our letter from the IRS about this.

LESS has a blog, where we post our new ideas and organizational developments. Here is the link.

LESS has a physical location, where we test and repair equipment:
Learning Equipment Supply Service
1100 Wall St. Unit 216
Los Angeles, CA 90015

LESS is an approved vendor for the Los Angeles Unified School District; our vendor number is 1000011276.

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About the LESS Team

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Glen Chung, the boss, collects, repairs, and figures out cheap ways to use our lab equipment. Glen is also on the LESS board of directors.

Glen's hobbies include playing fetch with the dog, doing his six-year-old daughter's bidding, and joking around with the spouse. In the past, Glen has been a graduate student (M.S. Chemistry, 2009), an adjunct community college chemistry instructor, an adjunct instructor of environmental science, a K-12 science teacher, and a software engineer.

View glen chung's profile on LinkedIn

Glen is solely responsible for all the content on this website.

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Schetema Nealy, treasurer, is a volunteer on our board of directors. She is currently a doctoral student in science education at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. We are particularly grateful for Schetema's instrumental assistance in the establishment of our 501(c)3 status.

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Dr. Christopher Arellano, secretary, is a volunteer on our board of directors. He is an area representative for teachers in UTLA, the main Los Angeles Unified School District teachers' union. We are particularly grateful for Dr. Arellano's instrumental assistance in the establishment of our 501(c)3 status.

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Neyda Muyuz, lab technician, is a college student and is active in the world of dance, including the Mexican Balet Folkorico. Her career goal is in social work.

Neyda has worked on inventory, grading, technical setup and other essential tasks for LESS. Neyda is certified by Flinn Scientific in science lab safety.

Neyda may be available to assist your students during your lab activity using our equipment at your site.

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Ilse Valerio, lab technician, is a college student, with interests in cosmetology and forensic science.

Ilse has worked on inventory, technical apparatus setup, technical re-organization, grading, and other essential tasks for LESS. Ilse is also working on school lab safety certification by Flinn Scientific.

Ilse may be available to assist you along with Neyda during your lab activity using our equipment at your site.

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Ding Huang, IT support specialist, is a college student and enjoys fiddling with computer software and hardware. His other interests include forensics (debate), and he is majoring in engineering.

Ding has been fixing computers for a while, as a hobby, and he puts his skills to work at LESS. Ding has three years of home PC repair experience.

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Ellen Harju, Professor

Dr. Ellen Harju, professor, is our provider of formal teacher training on the lab equipment that we lend and the technical ideas that we share with teachers. Dr. Harju also teaches chemistry at East Los Angeles College and Pasadena City College. An interesting fact about Dr. Harju is that she is one of the extremely few American Indian / Native American (Cowlitz tribe) women in science. LESS is privileged to have her working with us.

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Taylor Wheeldin, #1 Customer

Taylor Wheeldin, #1 Customer, is the science coordinator at a pair of our client schools. That's right, Mr. T works for both schools, and gives us excellent ideas to improve our services and to keep our business afloat. Thanks, Mr. T !

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About the LESS Budget

We need charitable help in order to improve and expand our lending inventory. You can help in at least three ways:

  1. by sending Glen funding ideas and suggestions
  2. by beginning your personal or business Amazon.com shopping searches on our Amazon search page
  3. by donating to our cause, using this PayPal donation link: here is the link. Thank you very much!
Amazon gives us 4%, without affecting your prices, if you use the Amazon link above, yet only gives 0.5% if you use our Amazon Smile.

Another way to help via your other online shopping: GivingAssistant.org manages some shopping portals whereby you can get some more of the proceeds of your regular shopping to be donated to LESS by your favorite vendors: see the teal green (or blue?) box with a link and more info.

Cash Back
Use Giving Assistant to save money and support Learning Equipment Supply Service

Join Giving Assistant now to start donating 3-30% of every purchase to Learning Equipment Supply Service while you shop online at places like Michaels (3%), Kmart (6%), and Macy's (7%).

Donors' Privacy Policy

Learning Equipment Supply Service will never share donors' identities or any other donor information with anyone. Donors who wish to be acknowledged on our website or in promotional materials may make their wishes known to us in writing, and we will comply, of course.

Donor Refund Policy

We will refund 100% of a donor's contribution within thirty days of the donation transaction date, upon the donor's request for any reason at all, or even for no given reason.

Our Contact Information

For donation concerns, you may contact us by clicking here, or by calling us at 323-905-4667, or by writing to us at 1100 Wall St. Unit 216 Los Angeles CA 90015 .

Expenses and Revenues

We have three recurring expenses:

  • rent for our storage and work space, $1000/month
  • mobile internet, $35/month
  • liability insurance and directors' & officers' insurance, $2000/year

We use donations to pay for the above and to purchase more lab equipment or parts. Sometimes we come up with some extra money to get extra paid work done, by Neyda or Ilse or Ding (see the team members' info on this web page).

We have four main revenue sources:

  • Private donations
  • Internet referrals
  • Fees for science education services
  • Sales of lab equipment and supplies

We collect private donations mostly via the PayPal Giving Fund (here is a link). We collect fees from Amazon when we refer people to amazon.com using our referral link (here it is). Some schools are able to pay us for lab equipment lending and technical support, so we are glad to earn money that way. Finally, some items are better bought than borrowed, such as eclipse viewing glasses, so we make money on sales in those cases; here is a link to our sales website.

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Teachers' Comments About LESS

February 8, 2014

Hi Glen, Thank you for all of the supplies for the hydrated compound lab. Overall, it went pretty well! It took one period for them to really get the procedure down and then the next day I had them come in and go through the lab again, fine tuning their procedures and most of the got pretty accurate results. Yet another lab that we wouldn't have been able to do without the help of LESS! ...Thank you for all that you do. I truly appreciate it and so do my students!
(C. Merz, MSA-4)

March 20, 2014

Glen -
I wanted to thank you once again for sharing the liquid nitrogen with us at Animo Venice. It really is a highlight for the kids and creates a lasting memory. Thank you for thinking of us (again!) and please keep us in mind as further opportunities arise!
Alexander Topham & Animo Venice 10th graders.

March 28, 2014

Yes, grades should ultimately reflect students' understanding of science concepts and the units I have done with your equipment have enhanced and given students a more in depth understanding of science concepts. Not only that, but I would not be able to adequately deliver the curriculum to my students without the use of LESS equipment. Students learn a lot by seeing and doing and that would not have been possible without your equipment. They are formulating their own ideas and conclusions while they are using your equipment, they are motivated. Some of the same students that sit there a lot of the time with blank stares and that don't turn in work, were the ones coming to me today giving me reasons as to why they got a certain result during lab and asking if they could repeat the experiment.What you have done for my class this year has been so valuable to myself as a teacher and for my students and our school.
(C. Merz, MSA-4)

March 15, 2013

Glen -
Thank you for offering our class the liquid nitrogen this month. It was a wonderful surprise for the students in 3rd period to see first-hand the effects of temperature on the volume of a gas. Much better than the video! Test scores for the unit were strong and I attribute that demonstration to part of the success. Thank you again, and please keep me in mind if other opportunities such as this arise.

Alexander Topham
Chemistry Teacher
Animo Venice Charter High School

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