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We lend to public school teachers who support hands-on learning styles, who value our services, who are willing to pickup and return the equipment at our south Los Angeles location (2606 W. 54th St. Los Angeles 90043), and who can sign a hold-harmless agreement attesting to their own expertise and ability to lead students in the safe usage of the equipment.

Teachers also need to treat us very nicely, please.

For each one-month loan of equipment, we would like to charge the school 15% of the retail price of the equipment. Schools who cannot afford this rental price should still talk to us; maybe we can work something out.

Probeware class sets

Christine Vernier, of Vernier Software and Technology, kindly donated to us the following items in order that our participating science teachers may run cool class experiments.

SensorDAQ (National Instruments - Vernier interface)qty 25
1D Force Platform (Pasco Scientific)qty 9
EasyLink (Texas Instruments calculator - Vernier sensor adapter)qty 19
Labquest2 (handheld interface for all of the following sensors)qty 8
Microphoneqty 8
Temperature probe (steel)qty 8
Light sensorqty 8
Thermocouple (for studying Bunsen burner flames, etc.)qty 8
Gas pressure sensor (Boyle's Law and the like)qty 8
Colorimeter (red 635 nm, green 535 nm, blue 470 nm)qty 8
Dual-range force sensorqty 7
pH sensorqty 8
Book: Biology With Vernierqty 1
Book: Chemistry With Vernierqty 1
Book: Middle School With Vernierqty 1
Book: Elementary Science With Vernierqty 1
Book: Physics With Vernierqty 1
Book: Physical Science With Vernierqty 1
Go!Temp Temperature probe (USB)qty 4

We have also purchased ten motion sensors for you to deploy in class.

Probeware demonstration sets

You can also borrow some demonstration units from us. We've got just one of each of the following items.

  • Pasco PasPort thermocline
  • Pasco PasPort pH probe and sensor
  • Pasco PasPort dissolved oxygen probe
  • Pasco PasPort chemistry sensor
  • Pasco PasPort temperature probe
  • Pasco PasPort nitrate selective electrode
  • Pasco PasPort conductivity probe

We've bought one Vernier Motion Encoder System for you to use, too. This might be kind of new to you. It's a track and cart, but instead of using motion sensors based on sonic clicks, this system collects more accurate position data using an LED in the cart and a picket fence pattern stuck on the length of the track. This way, there are no stray data points from sound bouncing at weird angles.

photo of Vernier product from Vernier website

You might need the Vernier Logger Pro software too. Christine Vernier kindly gave us the license. You can borrow one of our old netbooks, which has the software on it already.

You can also contact the major probeware makers directly, Vernier.com and Pasco.com, for one-month free trials of any piece of equipment they've got. They are very good about those free trial periods, but it may take a while for the equipment to arrive to you.

In the future we will also try to find affordable ways to provide mixed-reality labs, as studied by the Concord Consortium. Glen is trying the latter with Texas Instruments' MSP430 LaunchPad, which costs less than ten dollars for anybody to buy online from TI.